Top 10 Scary Things Discovered At Area 51

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What is up best 10 fam hope you’re havingan great day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome again to a different video.

Now place 51, i sense like i know this subjectmore than I understand details about myself at this time.

Ive overdosed Truthfully, and when this videogoes up the raid wouldve happened three days back.

Actually Each time I thought about the raidi was just like the aliens are gonna be at the rear of the fence all like ___ since the camo dudes arejust capturing individuals on the other aspect.

And afterwards they get into their hidden craftsand jet again to World Drutark i dont know man.

In either case, that staying reported, these are thetop ten Frightening Items Uncovered At Region fifty one.

And only for the wonderful print of this video, Just about most of these are fictional, loads of these are definitely my predictions on what could bediscovered there.

Starting off us off with selection 10 are The MissingOnes.

So there are already quite a few conspiracy theoriesand genuine tales where by the CIA has assassinated folks, theyve planned to destroy people today, theyvemade individuals go lacking whenever they know an excessive amount of.

And I understand the very first thing that relates to mindwhen you think about these missing people is that they were being obviously killed.

If theyre planning to check out the effort of makingsomeone vanish off the deal with from the earth then surely theyd just destroy them.

But what if they didnt? What should they transported them into a secretunderground base at Region 51.

We by now know you'll find Several undergroundfacilities at Area 51, why cant a prisoner Keeping foundation be one of these.

If youre locked up or trapped in area 51 youreas fantastic as lifeless in accordance with the CIA anyway considering the fact that no person will at any time know youre there orbe capable of finding or conserve you.

Its an ideal nonviolent Answer whereeveryone wins.

Besides needless to say, th the persons locked upin Spot 51.

Coming in at quantity nine we have Alien Experts.

So I feel like with the amount of governmentcover ups over distinct plane and armed service craft crashes as well as their remains i definitelybelieve region 51 houses aliens and not merely the useless continues to be of previous ones for observation, im speaking correct communicative aliens which can be serving to human scientists.

This can be considerably fetched but thinking of peoplethink a one planet governing administration operates at space 51, that governing administration would want lots of alientech for no matter what their potential programs of earth domination are.

So with that in mind, I believe from these alienspacecraft crashes up to now, living aliens were being saved from them, and now theyre thereworking for that US govt either voluntarily or involuntarily.

And so they most likely have einstein stage knowledgeand then some so i hope theyre the primary folks we saved once we went in there.

At range 8 we have The Getaway Saucers.

Say The entire entire world will shit right, say theres been a zombie apocalypse or some thing much more sensible like weather improvements tippingpoint or possibly a foods scarcity or simply a condition epidemic.

Or even a 2012 situation the place the earth is literallybreaking aside.

People have to run, they have to survive andin this state of affairs forget about us mere citizens, theyre not worried about us.

The persons that theyd want saved tend to be the leaders, the president, the extremely prosperous, the people with power.

And like inside the movie 2012 this major one% hada top secret foundation in China exactly where they would be Secure from every little thing.

Similarly i think exactly the same type of issue islocated in Space 51 in the form of getaway traveling saucers.

Consider it.

The one way to save lots of on your own from this World, from the horrors of it, is to easily depart the World.

And what far better way to try this than on highlyadvanced spacecraft with aliens or extraterrestrials youve been producing this strategy and offer withfor the past century.

Like its the perfect escape.

Us peasants reach die on the planet and Trumpsout listed here creating Planet Ploot wonderful all over again.

Filling our number seven slot are classified as the Bodies.

So we’ve heard of the BBC crew that gotinto The bottom and were mainly pointed at with guns and compelled to remain over the floorfor hrs.

You'll find indications throughout and foremost upto the base expressing youll get shot should you try and trespass onto The bottom but obviously inkinder text cus they cant just declare that.

I believe there have been a number of people thathave managed to really make it into the base, some ended up definitely shot Which wasnt publicizedbecause it makes The federal government glance terrible, some probably did help it become someway but werehiding on the ground under some key camouflage.

And I believe they have been possibly found out, stayed hiding there cus hiding there was much better than looking to leave getting noticed and thengetting shot.

All in all I think there Several skeletalremains to become found in place fifty one.

Now at range six are Alien Offspring.

I come to feel Like every alien continue to at location fifty one rightnow is possibly useless and there for observation or Operating there involuntarily or locked up.

None of these essentially wish to be there whenthey could be home with their household's on Plant Glerp.

So with that being said im sure there havebeen lots of escape programs executed by them, maybe they self sacrificed not planning to inform theevil individuals their insider secrets or simply because they couldnt acquire becoming on earth any more.

So to fight that and make sure the longevityof the alien backlink i really believe that the heads in cost absolutely received them to reproduceand cloned those eggs or fetuses so theyd have an entire armoury of aliens If your existingones correctly go away or Regardless of the hell.

Coming in at range 5 are Star Crossed Fans.

I sense like this has to occur without fallwhen two individuals or entities from fully diverse upbringings and backgrounds satisfy and hateeach other to start with and after that slide in like.

In this case im talking about an alien andone of the world fifty one employees.

As i Formerly stated there are actually most likelyaliens residing at region 51 who can talk to us, so i experience like one of several workersif no more who communicate with them every day have most likely fallen in love with one particular.

Yknow it wouldve started out off like what thehell are you presently and vice versa, then it wouldve been like Alright let me just promptly do my joband leave, then it wouldve moved on to telling each other bits and pieces with regards to their ownlives, then in a moment of laughter one of these realises wait im head over heels in lovewith them.

Then arrives the confession, the no we’retoo distinctive itll hardly ever operate the CIA wont Enable you to be with me and my mom and dad on plantYipjoo will never permit this.

Then they get over it and have a secretromance till one of them needs to get rid of the other Hunger Game titles type.

And if you werent just sucked into that lovestory so challenging then youre LYING.

At number four are Dinosaurs.

Listen to me out I do know youre gonna Believe im ridiculousbut im not.

There is absolutely no evidence that claims aliens came afterus, if just about anything we’ve observed symptoms and cave drawings from god appreciates what BC indicatingthat alien sightings have been transpiring for an extended very long time.

So whos to state they werent about throughout thecretaceous period? What when they ended up flying out and in of earthduring the interval Dinosaurs roamed the earth? Its not like dinosaurs could history that alienswere going to.

And in many cases should they did by some means they have been wipedout in any case so.

But Let's say aliens discovered them fascinating, what when they stole and preserved some eggs here and there like Jurassic Park.

when they had been sensible they wouldve gotten one ofeach gender for each species of dinosaur.

And if they did, whos to convey they werent forcedto share at spot 51 after becoming captured from the crash? Or what whenever they wanted to share the information? Pretty confident dinosaurs have an even better chanceof surviving on earth in which theres oxygen than on Planet Zoofs in which theres none.

It may be the Alien-Human Dino Alliance.

AHDA for short.

Filling our selection 3 slot are Clones.

Ok so theres a huge discussion about whethercloning is ethical or not and Actually i Individually dont see the condition.

It truly is Strange, its creepy to acquire an individual orsomething that looks exactly the same as another thing however their personalities are completelydifferent.

Its strange.

We’ve effectively cloned animals throughouthistory but individuals is one area we’ve never carried out.

Most countries in the world ban cloning anywayso theres that but theres lots of states from the US that dont exclusively ban cloningbut ban reproductive cloning.

So if human technological know-how couldnt reach it, it's possible alien technological innovation can and did.

What if you will discover clones just walking aroundarea fifty one and we don't know over it? What if theyve cloned prime ministers andother earth leaders to really make it easier to make appearances when seriously the true Theresa Mayis on Earth Klintarb? What if theyre inside their cloning human beings andaliens? Now at number 2 are The Cures.

So all over again this one particular is problematic to speak aboutbut someones gotta do it.

A lot of believe that the government injects adisease into the general public which generates an epidemic, several assumed that on the Ebola outbreak inAfrica a couple of years ago.

Some Feel The federal government is at the rear of it tocontrol population figures whereas Other people Consider they do it to distract from a biggerstory going on underneath.

Whichever Tale you wanna think, if thegovernment designed the disorder, Additionally they made the overcome to it and I think thosecures are saved in spot fifty one.

And that i even consider they have got the get rid of to otherthings like Aids and Cancer in there likewise.

Yknow how they say the pharmaceutical industrymakes quite possibly the most funds simply because they maintain you sick? In case you werent Unwell they wouldnt generate income, so that they dont even need a overcome for being discovered.

But Let's say its now been discovered? Theyre just not releasing it Hence the economycan get more cash for all of these persons that do have these illnesses.

And eventually at #1 is Osama Bin Laden.

Quite controversial I am aware not to mention Idon't necessarily mean any disrespect by putting him on the listing but all over again I am not gonna pussyfootaround any subject matter on this channel.

Therefore the information broke in May perhaps of 2011 that BinLaden had been found in a compound and killed by a CIA led operation.

Thats all we know.

And ive been hearing about this conspiracyfor years given that he wasnt really killed.

Like did we ever see his dead body? No.

they claimed they identified his system manyways, by his peak numerous Gentlemen to choose from are six’four, seemingly among his wives was shoutinghis identify in the raid, once more that couldve just been a entire body double and somebody payingan impoverished woman to shout a reputation.

His burial occurred at sea and it wasntdocumented, Based on a US official you will find photos of his human body as well as burial butwhere dey at doe? No person besides the people today included sawhis evident assassination and burial so folks think that 1) they didnt basically destroy him, two) they killed a glance alike cus that may be attainable, 3) hes currently being hidden in Area 51till his Loss of life.

So I signify theres some meals for thought.

And thats it for todays movie fellas! This was a certain amount of enjoyment and also loads of theseare serious speculations that I think are but being found at spot fifty one.

With any luck , someday when the whole factor getsclassified, sick transform proper and win like 5 million bucks.

Is always that not how it really works? Oh perfectly.

Lemme know what you considered beneath and as alwaysim your host Ayman Hasan and ill capture you in another one particular! Byee