Ex trabajador de area 51 sobre NASA, OVNI, Extraterrestres, bases en la Luna y Apollo

the date is June 29th 2008 six:32 p.


I am creating this concept to Allow the people today of the earth or whoever happens to hear this know the reality about What's going on with regards to the alien presence in our world and also interstellar Room and in our have photo voltaic process I myself am a worker in one of several underground bases Situated in close proximity to groom Lake I've carried out my function there for that earlier 8 years and inside the upcoming coming months will be discharged now what I'm going to inform you you might want to consider using a grain of salt but I guarantee you almost everything that I am about to say his fact is simple fact and regardless of whether you understand it or Contrary to popular belief all the things that I will inform you It is common information in the black ops Neighborhood at quite possibly the most maximum and secretive degrees now as I claimed I have worked within an underground base close to Groom Lake for that earlier 8 many years and possess finished my get the job done there like a researcher and analyst Functioning throughout the rim of the et application as we get in touch with it or as it's known within the black ops Group as g28 what we do here is investigate review and investigate the extra-terrestrial existence within our photo voltaic method and other Proportions and what I will inform you these days is the truth about What's going on I'll check out never to be far too vague in my revelations nevertheless I never wish to say an excessive amount of as I have previously dedicated a felony inside the eyes of our federal government just by Talking on the topic and I might be leaving quickly right after my discharge and I've asked the proprietor of the movie to which I am sending never to publicize this online video for a minimum of two yrs immediately after It can be recording to be certain my safety along with theirs now as I've stated and let me make this crystal clear the existence of alien beings and the technological innovation does exist it is actually true while you or me and and It truly is a whole ton far more available than even probably the most die-hard believers could could quite possibly fathom the reality is the fact that we and by we I signify this planet and also the individuals of the Earth are in essence blind to what is actually happening from the cosmos and interstellar House what men and women contact it aliens we contact IBS or iptvmoco.com/ar/iptv-channels/ or in layman's phrases interdimensional beings and what we discovered and possess recognised about For the reason that early 70s is at simplest phrases other dimensions or planes as we contact them exist and lay in addition to each other almost stacked as if you experienced a blanket with Yet another blanket stacked in addition to it and A further blanket stepped in addition to it to elucidate this in order to have an understanding of you could envision the earth and our actuality as a thin blanket and these other higher dimensions are definitely the blankets laying right on top of ours however we will only see our personal blanket now the alien beings tend to be the ships that We've got seen in videos and that Lots of people have have captured over the years are actually what we connect with jumpers in they exist in their relative Proportions but have in fact jumped into ours Now we have found out that usually we've been not able to see them as They may be in a wavelength indifferent to our very own and our senses eyes and ears are not able to detect from the data that I've collected and been briefed on every single World star and galaxy within our own airplane and universe as we see it exists also in these other Proportions we've detected that We all know of Which I have been briefed on at least 4 other Proportions that do exist now as I explained every single Earth We all know of every galaxy does exist in these other Proportions however with Every single new dimension Just about every planet galaxy star will take on another kind to clarify it in one of the most very simple most straightforward terms it is possible to have a look at our very own World Jupiter that is within the outer reaches of our solar method now to us it is a fatal gaseous planet totally uninhabitable however after you take a look at Jupiter and an elevated dimension you will see that it is completely improved in all types you will note that It truly is now not a lethal ball of gas but has become stable has a unique color and is now inhabited we know for your simple fact This is often real as a result of the fact that the government has the know-how to detect to these higher Proportions and really get a small view of exactly what the photo voltaic system appears like on the opposite aspect as we get in touch with it in these other Proportions you will find much we have no idea with regards to the universe And exactly how it works however Allow me to share the specifics which i can confirm as truth and had been created recognized to me that I as well as the other people which i worked with are already briefed on how we are not alone from the universe you will discover alien beings inside of our possess dimension of Area together with other dimensions the Earth Earth is really an early stage I guess you could potentially say schooling floor if you might whereby which we as beings will live till we Innovative to the upper dimensions now we're not The underside of the food stuff chain and and we have identified there are at least two dimensions down below our have plane but that that is certainly in terms of I'll go about which i'm receiving a bit very low in time so I will depart you with a couple of other crucial items that individuals will without doubt want to know about later on a time the moment this online video is manufactured community now these are things which I have already been briefed on by my superiors and which might be popular understanding in the black ops Neighborhood now the World that we know of as Mars was at a person time inhabited but once more at a person time was wiped out via the those who inhabited the Earth which ended up much more technologically advanced than we have been which we identified by tests and examining the chemical residue observed within the blasts around the Earth in addition to artifacts that we've also discovered on the planet such as the notorious glass tubes viewed within the few of the publicly built pictures from NASA now they're not glass buildings but a glass-like content that may be about a thousand times more robust than any materials or metal that We now have on our have planet both of these we utilised as a method of vacation underground and earlier mentioned-floor by folks who inhabited this World it is thought from our investigation that there are nevertheless an et existence inhabiting Mars but yet again This can be this as far as I will go Which I used to be briefed on relating to that subject now I am not seeking to be fully imprecise but I am making an attempt to provide you with a picture of What's going on around that that does not fully put me in more Hazard than I'm already in just by revealing the handful of things that I have among the past things which I will expose Which is undoubtedly a reality and that I have been briefed on and that a lot of Others involved with the black op Neighborhood are actually briefed on and that is our have moon which does in truth have alien bases on it as well as has basis from our very own federal government now You can find an et presence and that is generally located on the darkish side from the moon the Apollo application was in all actuality a reconnaissance mission so that we could exploration what was specifically there and who you can detect that lots of the photos with the Apollo missions have airbrushed out properties and bases and this is the real truth on the issue about half of your video that that you'll see that is certainly documented documented in the Apollo missions was the truth is shot here on earth at spot fifty one in actual fact in case you examine satellite imagery you can actually see what is still left of the crater industry established at location 51 that was Employed in the filming now the truth is a lot of the footage through the moon was basically cluttered with bases with alien buildings and from what 1 astronaut reported and I'm quoting what were being frequent a relentless presence of alien autos flying around the floor cluttering up the footage so yet again they confirmed the American people what they may and recreated the rest right here on earth that they couldn't display from what We all know the dim aspect of the Moon is the place a lot of the alien presence is found it's it is a extra primitive alien race from what we could see and our exploration tells us It really is It can be a lot more primitive as opposed to alien beings you would probably see on higher dimensions but still countless numbers Otherwise countless several years forward of us now We've got our own bases which are primarily located in or close to the Sea of Tranquility which is the internet site of Apollo eleven and also just one foundation that I know of Positioned close to the crater Sabine D to this day we remain sending secret missions to and through the moon however I do not know the whole details of what we have been executing there.